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Jezdecká společnost EQUITANA Martinice
  25. 07. 2024 - 28. 07. 2024


Equestrian company EQUITANA Martinice invites you to participace in winter training preparation with the leading Czech trainer Jaroslav Jindra.







Training camp chart: Friday - show jumping dressage - Jaroslav Jindra

Saturday/Sunday - jumping training - Jaroslav Jindra

Autum terms - for young horses, young rider's sitting and solving problems after the season Spring terms - preparation for the season - gymnastic training, parts of show jumping, practice show jumping. The aim is to prepare show jumping horses especially for those who does not have own hall or who are missing a professional assistance and systematic guidance how to improve work with the horse.

Price list:

Fee for participant of training camp 3 days   2.200,- CZK (trainer+hall)

Fee for participant of training camp 1 day      800,- CZK (trainer+hall)

Accommodation incl. breakfast       750,- CZK/person/night incl. breakfast in double room

Suites EQUITANA                400,- CZK/person/night/without breakfast (kitchenette in the suite, posibility of own cooking)

Stabling in a firm stall 3 days/2 nights  1.200,- CZK (incl. bedding - sawdust/hay)

Stabling 1 day          500,- CZK  (incl. bedding – sawdust/hay)

Premise's description:

Stabling: firm stalls 3 x 3,5 m, floor - solid gum, bedding - sawdust

Hall: 22 x 55 m, surface - white sand with geotextile

Catering: hotel or own Accommodation: hotel EQUITANA, suites EQUITANA, everything on site

Parking: reinforced surface, lock pavement

There is a posibility of collective get-together to debate the training day on Saturday evening. Please send your application forms and inquiries to provoz@equitana.cz.     For more information see www.csi-martinice.cz and www.kone-martinice.cz.